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Thread: apache problems

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    apache problems

    [[email protected] admin]$ /sbin/service httpd start
    Starting httpd: /etc/init.d/httpd: ulimit: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted
    Ouch! ap_mm_create(1048576, "/var/run/") failed
    Error: MM: mm:core: failed to open semaphore file (Permission denied): OS: No such file or directory

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    It's trying to modify the ulimit, and apparently can't
    Are you on as root (that is "admin" a user number 0 account)?

    Do a ulimit -a to see the ulimit - from the rest of the error I'd suspect number of open files.
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    To find your UID, type


    at the console. If your UID is 0 then it is probably not a permission problem but maybe a kernel configuration problem? If your UID is something other then 0 then it's probably because you don't have permission to access it.

    Just as a side note, you really shouldn't have a UID of 0 for the admin user as it opens up more security risks.
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