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    * Need Advice Please!

    Hey Everybody

    I don't normally post (I do a lot of reading at this forum), but I need your opinion/guidance.I have a client who asked me my opinion on the following company and weather she should use them or not. I told her I would look into it and get back to her. I want to protect my client and my hosting business from spammers and spamming companies but I also don't want to label a company a "spammer"wrongly. Please help.

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    I don't think you'd be out of line calling those guys spammers at all. If she's planning to use your server to send mail to addresses she gets from those people, my only advice is RUN!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the advice.Also thanks for pointing out the sig rules I don't want to do anything wrong.

    Can anyone recommend a legitimate service for her to use for her email marketing. I would like to give her some alternatives.

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    Legitimate email marketing sounds like an oxy moron to me. Of course, there are a few companies which pay people to read email from paid advertisers. This is the only way I could see justifying unsolicited mass emailing.

    Unrelated comment: I started getting heavy spam after signing up for my Cyberwings reseller account, another reason I'd like to personally beat CEO Shawn. (disclaimer: that's supposed to be humorous, and is not a physical threat, ok Shawn's "lawyers"?)

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