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Thread: Too much power?

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    Too much power?



    If one was to put a 12volt power supply into a 5volt Router would you suspect this to be a cause for the unit to no function? It would hypothetically be a cheapish router for just home internet sharing.

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    yeah, you would burn it out

    you can get a new power supply at radio shack
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    The router was a cheap 60 one. It had a standard kettle connector like goes into your PC (at least in the UK) which went into some kind of transformer to convert to 5v. This plugged into the router directly. I hypothetically plugged the 12v supply from the cable modem into the Router. I had only just hypothetically bought it so assume it's broken now as I can't get it to work.

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    If the router specified 5v and you throw 12 at it, yes, it most likely will end inoperable until the proper supply is provided, or more likely, damaged. You might look on the circuit board near the power entry for blown fuses or diodes.

    The router was a cheap 60 one
    The proper power supply would have been cheaper than replacing the router *and* acquiring the proper power supply.
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    u can usually get away with a few volts lower, but going higher is a risk. You'll burn out the circuit.

    I have a router which uses a 12v supply, running off a 10v adapter right now, and its been going for 2 months with no probs.

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    Well at a risk of being unable to get a replacement,

    a friend

    Bought this router and it arrived yesterday, he was rearranging the wiring behind his desk and moved his cable modem and hub about. In this time all the power cables looked similar and he thinks he plugged in his 12 cable modem power supply into the back of the router. The router is supposed to "run a self-test" when turned on and certain lights are supposed to flash. It does not do this - only the WAN and LAN lights are stuck on.

    My friend opened it up and checked, nothing looks physically fried.

    It's possible it was malfunctioning on arrival I suppose.

    So when my friend plugs the RJ45 from the cable modem into the WAN port on the router should the "PC" light on my cable modem light up? This light is what I would call the "connected" light which is on when there is a connection between the NIC in the PC and the cable modem. I assume that the light should come on when connected to the router? This also doesn't happen so leads me to believe it's not working properly.

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