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    Thumbs up **Trexhost Yrs Strong** 24-7 Support/RubyOnRails/FFMPEG/NO OVERSELLING/Pure Quality**

    Choose a Secure, Reliable, and Customer Friendly web hosting provider to power your business. Become a part of the T-Rex team. There are many web host out there to choose from. However, most of our customers chose because the competition suspended there accounts, oversold there packages, closed down, or offered amazing deals on a slow server. Our T-rex attitude has been pushing forward for years with excellent customer service, reliable hosting, competitive pricing, and secure solutions to our very valued customers. The true meaning of Top-Class power hosting. This is what makes

    All Accounts are hosted on
    -Quad Core, Dual Processor Genuine Clovertown 5335 Xeon Servers!Pure Power
    -SoftLayer DataCenter
    -Php4 and 5 Support
    -Virus Scan and Spam Protection
    -Free SSH access on request
    -4GB ECC Ram
    -Baracuda Hard Drives
    -Powerful Servers, Extremely low CPU Loads, high performance. Great 24/7 Customer Support
    -GD, ImageMagick, FFmpeg, Curl, Zend, Tomcat, Fantastico 2, RvSkins, Ruby On Rails, Vtiger, Cpanel XP Evolution, RoundCube Email, and much more!

    Shared Hosting
    TrexS1 Package- (More Info here!)
    -Bandwidth- 50,000MB
    -DiskSpace- 5,000MB
    -Email Accounts- Unlimited
    -Domains- 1
    -Order Now!

    TrexS2 Package- (More Info here!)
    -Bandwidth- 70,000MB
    -DiskSpace- 10,000MB
    -Email Accounts- Unlimited
    -Domains- 5
    -Order Now!

    TrexS3 Package- (More Info here!)
    -Bandwidth- 100,000MB
    -DiskSpace- 15,000MB
    -Email Accounts- Unlimited
    -Domains- 10
    -Order Now!

    Business Premier Packages(The VIP of Web Hosting) has always specialized in bringing secure and reliable solutions to it's customers. However, we also understand that there are people who's needs are greater then the reseller or shared packages found on our website. This is why we introduced the BPP plans. The BPP plans, also known as the V.I.P of web hosting, are packages made for the ones with security, stability, high bandwidth and traffic consumption, in mind. These packages are not found on the website, as they are very limited packages. These packages can only be purchased by calling us at 1-877-322-3266, submiting an email to sales/supprt, or speaking with a live help representative, to see if there are any spots available as well as the verification process. These packages are not oversold, and are setup on servers designed specifically for the BPP plans, with quadrons setup to specifically allocate HD space to a plan. As always, another A-Class web hosting solution for the many customers wanting to choose with confidence

    Business Premier Packages(The VIP of Web Hosting)

    TrexBP1 Package
    -Bandwidth- 600,000MB
    -DiskSpace- 80,000MB
    -Domains- Unlimited
    -SSH Access
    -Site Builder
    -Daily Backups Created and sent over to a Remote Server Securely and then checked for data integrity(Includes our Remote Backup Services Package)
    -2 Dedicated Ip Addresses
    -FREE ClientExec
    -$49.99 /Month
    -Order Now

    TrexBP2 Package
    -Bandwidth- 800,000MB
    -DiskSpace- 120,000MB
    -Domains- Unlimited
    -Daily Backups Created and sent over to a Remote Server Securely and then checked for data integrity(Includes our Remote Backup Services Package)
    -2 Dedicated Ip Addresses
    -Shell Access
    -Restart Services
    -FREE ClientExec
    -$59.99 /Month
    -Order Now

    All of our accounts are created on Quad Core, Dual Processor (8 CPU's Total) Servers, with Baracuda Hard Drives. Server load on these servers well below 1.0 on average,resulting in extremely fast web site loading and Control Panel Navigation. We are one of the very few offering shared and reseller hosting plans on servers as massive as these. This is ideal for clients looking for fast loading, 100% reliable service. With our old fashioned customer friendly service, we will be here to assist you in getting all of your accounts transfered from your current host, as well as help you with any other support that is needed. Choose with confidence, choose

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    i have a search engine script called adbie. it needs the php's sock and dom xml extensions enabled. my current host 1and1 does not support sockets, so im looking for a new host that does. do you support these?


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