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    Question Help me please...lot's of Questions

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help me. I have a lot that I need to ask so please forgive me if this is long. I appreciate any feedback that you can give me.

    First off, I have a lot of sites and I am going to have all my sites ready in a month to go live. I need to find reliable hosting for these sites.

    I am looking for a good price with the following items:
    Unlimited Sub Domains
    Unlimited E-mails (Web mail) /Autoresponders/Email Aliases/Email Forwarding
    Windows Based
    Over 500MB of space
    Reseller Option

    I also have a few dumb questions that I would like it if someone could elaborate a little for me

    With Unlimited Sub Domains, does that mean that I have to pay for each sub Domain like you pay for a Domain name? I didn't think so but I just wanted to make sure.
    So if I got unlimited sub domains, that means that my sub domain would read like this

    When Hosting Companies say that you get front page extensions, does that mean that you don't have to buy the software Microsoft Front page? Does it come with a hosting package? Or is that just so you can fix your site if it is already done in MFP?

    How many pages can you have with 500MB? I know that you can not tell until you get the site up, but can you give me an estimate?

    What is the difference between Windows and Linux? Which one is better to do a site with? I would prefer Windows, but I just wanted to get your opinion.

    When I am done with my site and ready to go live, do I just use FTP to transfer the files to the site?

    Am I allowed to use my Paypal account on my website or do I need to get a merchant account also?

    If I hire a webdesigner and they do my website in another program besides Microsoft Front Page, can I still make revisions in Microsoft Front Page?

    When some Hosting companies say that you get a mailing list with the purchase, what does that mean? I thought that it would mean that I can send out E-mails to a certain list of people that I have, but I just wanted to make sure.

    Do all Hosting Packages come with a tracking system so that you can track your stats and Advertising?

    What if I wanted to have a few message boards on my site? I know that you can find these free on the Internet, but will all sites allow you to have these on your site? How many do you think can go on one server? I want to have a few which is why I ask. Does it depend on the traffic?

    One of my sites is an Adult Portal site. This is going to be a resource site, for Adult Webmasters, NO PORN. I know that a lot of hosting companies do not allow adult content. Would this be considered the same even if it were just resource sites?

    Ok, say I need to make revisions to my site after it is up, what do I need to do to do it? Do I need to transfer it through FTP to me or what?

    Here are some of the sites that I have found. What, if any, do you think would be good to go with? Or do you have any suggestions?


    I think that is it for now. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Sarah

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    Re: Help me please...lot's of Questions

    Unlimited subdomains you can have as many as you want for free, unless the host says otherwise. A subdomain would be

    When they say that it comes with frontpage extentsions it means it supports frontpage files. You need to buy the software yourself.

    You can have thousands of pages, it all depends on how large the pages are, the amount of pictures, etc.

    I like linux better, and so do most other people. Windows is better for streaming media and a few other things. It is a lot more expensive though.

    Yes, you can just use FTP to transfer your files.

    Yes, you can use paypal on your site.

    Yes, you can make revisions of it in frontpage, though it may not look 100% how you intend for it to look. Frontpage is a little weird.

    Yes, it generates a form so that you can easily have users signup for the mailing list, and then email them via the Admin CP.

    Most hosting companies have some sort of stats built in About 99.5% of them do Its really just built into the Control Panel. They don't normally have advertising system, but you can install them for free if you find the script online.

    Yes, it depends on the traffic, but you could have hundreds of bulletin boards (very small ones) to a few large ones per SERVER, not acount.

    Humm, I don't know. You might want to check with the host. I would say no, its not.

    Yah, you just edit the file on your computer and upload it again. Or you can download the file (ftp), edit it, and then reupload it.

    I like, but its up to you. Remember... keep it easy to spell, and as short as possible.

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