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    Question Can anyone help me find the right host?

    Hello all,
    Ive been looking round for a good few days now for the correct host for my clients needs, but to no avail. I am building a website for a music shop who will be selling vinyl online. These are my requirements (with brief explanatins of why/what they need):

    300+MB Webspace
    Windows 2000 hosted
    ability to use ASP with CDONTS
    ability to setup Access Database DSN
    25+GB transfer a month
    Ability to host and play/stream small music files (soundbits of each track)

    Also, a control panel would be nice for me to setup things quickly and easily, and I would like this to be UK hosted, on a monthly fee. Can anyone help me out? Or maybe just point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance...

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    If you post a request in the Web Hosting Requests area you will surely get some good responses to your needs (hosts are not allowed to make offers on response to requests posted elsewhere).
    Chris at
    Windows & Linux hosting and fully managed dedicated servers with great customer service!
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