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    Need PerlDesk Installed On Our Server

    If there is someone out there who wants to install on our server (the trouble ticket program), we would love for them to help. This is for a movie-review site and we need it setup on it. We will select someone by tonight (9pm EST) to do the work.

    Pay is negotiable but we need it as cheap as possible as this is a free site.

    Thank you- you can contact us via private message.

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    We have chosen the installer but we need someone who can come in and customize it for cheap. Please let me know.


    - Customization includes:
    Adding Fields To Forms which go into the database

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    How 'cheap' are we talking?

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    Depends on what you are asking but for what we need, we are looking to spend <$15

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    What type of customizations are you needing to make?

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    This has been re-opened. Please contat us with your name, ICQ or AOL IM. We'll set something up for the install (hopefully either tonight or tomorrow morning).


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    shlok vaidya
    AIM: ruaddesign
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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