ServerSonic is currently looking for Sales staff. Please read further to find out about this opportunity:

I would like to give you first the following background on our company:
ServerSonic was founded in early 2002. Within two months the company was turning a monthly profit, and at the end of the third month, the company had earned back any money invested in to the company at start. The company itself is located in Rochester, NY; and our servers are located near Albany, NY. Every plan we sell is designed so all of our users can use everything we promise to them, and we will still turn a profit, and there will be no decrease in the quality of service we provide. This means: ServerSonic is around to stay

Now that you have a brief history on our company, here is more about the position:
ServerSonic is looking for a motivated salesperson who is interested in helping our company grow. Salesperson will be provided with a hosting account to gain knowledge of the way our service works. They can use this for whatever purpose they want. There is one goal for the salesperson, to gain new, quality customers. This means we do not want spammers, or illegal sites, or anything that breaks our ToS/AUP. Salesperson will work on their own time, from their home. They can advertise our services on forums, call local businesses, contact webmasters of current sites (NOT to be confused with spamming! You can only contact current webmasters in a personal matter; you must individually email these people. And you can not do it on a large scale.), placing ads, hanging flyers, etc. You will be provided leeway with the plans to help motivate people to sign up.

You will receive 100% of the new signups first monthly payment. IF your signups at the end of a week aren't greater than $20, but they are greater than $9.99 - you will get $20 for that week anyway.

This is not an easy job by any means; you will have to do work. However it is very lucrative. After a few weeks you should be able to manage at least 1 sign up a day. You are not limited to advertising on the internet - in fact if you call around locally you will probably do much better.

Sales Rep must be friendly and courteous at all times. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Sales Rep must have knowledge of the internet and how it works, and also knowledge of web design and hosting. This is important because it is hard to sell a product you don't know about.

Sales Rep must understand that although they are working on their own time, this is a job. They will be required to work an average of 10 hours a week.

Sales Rep must have AOL Instant Messenger and one or more of the following messaging programs: MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and ICQ. They must be on regularly and available to discuss updates on the company amongst other things.

Sales Rep must be old enough to work this position in his or her state. They must live in the United States and speak proper English.

If you are interested in this position, please send a resume as well as any other information you wish to include to: [email protected]

You can also fax this to us at 877-843-9560 but we would like to also have you email us in that case.