I know this is in the wrong forum, but, once again, that damn 5 day rule has fell upon me


My name is Noah Halter. I am looking to gain some additional work doing web design.

I can do:
Site design
Back end programming
Logo design
Banner design
Print Design (business cards, tshirts, hats, cd-rom inserts, book covers, etc.)
Flash Design
Graphic Design
vBulletin Customization
If you need something else, ask.

My latest work is here:
http://www.vinylserver.com (in progress)

I was actually working a desugb for an individual, when he said that he wasn't 100% sure that he would go through with it. I was wary, so I cut it off.

Here is the design I was working on. It is yours if you want, as is the SwiftyHost design, as that host went down. Keep in mind that this is a VERY early beta design.

You can contact me via:
[email protected]
or you can PM me.

We can negotiate prices, but I am not looking for a $200 "design my entire site" deal. I'm looking to profit here.

Thank you,