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    Raq4 used to be a mail server?

    I have Windows 2000 server and Raq4, I knew how simple our customer make their emails setting on Raq4..and "Mail Control Panel software" for Windows is very expensive!
    Can I make a Raq4 just only for Mail server? (our customer website still on Windows server) :
    1. How to make MX Record setting on My Windows server?
    2. I need fixed IP address on my Raq as external mail server?
    3. others?

    Thank you

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    This is fairly easy to do. I just did exactly this for a client in the same situation within the past few weeks.

    What you want to do is have it so is served by the Windows server, and is served by the RaQ.

    Set up your DNS as follows:

    A record: > windows server IP
    A record: > windows server IP
    A record: > RaQ IP
    MX record: served by

    Set up the web site as per normal on the Windows box. On your RaQ, set up a virtual site On the mail server alias box (under site settings), enter You don't have to put in because that's the site name.

    That's all there is to it! As an added bonus, you can install NeoMail or OpenWebMail on the RaQ, set up a re-write rule in srm.conf, and just send your users to to access their mail via the web.

    Good luck!


    PS - Be sure to disable all of the services on your RaQ via the control panel, including telnet (use SSH instead!), snmp, dns, etc. You cannot disable the web server via the control panel. It is *highly* recommended that you install a robust firewall solution to protect the integrity of your RaQ.

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    OpenWebMail on the RaQ, set up a re-write rule in srm.conf

    Can any one explain or tell me how to wite rule in srm.conf file where I would like to redirect to


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    This a nice solution, and offering a better service to customers, also if the web servers are down, or off-line...

    BUT, now my question. We have something about 250 customers (sites) and the Raq's limitation is 249 if i remember. Naturally, all our customers are on 3 differents servers.
    What's about such a mail server ? Can we push this mail server to hold more then 250 sites ?
    What's the Apache limitation ???
    250 sites on the whole server ?
    or 250 sites on each IP ?
    If it's per IP, then we can push such a mail server to ... 750 or 1000 sites, no ???
    If it's not 250 / IP, but per server, then we have only the choice to use 2 or 3 mails servers. Also a good thing for the customers. If one breaks, it's not everything that break

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    I grabbed this from somewhere else:

    pico /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Cobalt/
    then find:
    $Sites_Max = 250;
    change the value
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