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    WebHosting Template

    Hi there. My name is Butters4lyf. I am new to the board, and I am looking to sell my design template for a WebHosting company. I own, and I usually do all the designs. I appologize for my partner, dreamHOBO's overpricing of my designs.

    We have created a webhosting design that is professional and has a new, interesting look. There is space for advertising banners, buttons, and logos. The design comes with the PSDs and the HTML. We have no problem customizing it slightly, but any major customizations can be requested for a small, nominal fee. And now for the design:

    I can be contacted through the board's PM service and email, at [email protected] .

    I saw the previous post was full of flaming...Please only reply with positive comments and feedback.

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    We are requesting $50...Don't have $50? Email us and we will negotiate.

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    Great template!

    I would probably buy it if i couldnt make one myself

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    Thanks for the comment.

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