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    How much does 1GB/m of traffic really equal?

    This may seem like a dumb question.
    lets say one page is 20K or so, and you get 1GB/M of transfer, Does this work out to 1000 divided by 20 to reach 40 page views/Meg, then x1000 to equal 40,000 page views per GB?

    I'm brand new, so go easy on me!!

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    well 1024bytes is a k, 1024 k is a meg, 1024 megs is a gig :-P
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    So now let's say your web site consists of several pages, each about 50k. Because of images and navigation features being cached, your average visitor consumes about 200k of bandwidth per visit (this is just an example, and will depend hugely on your web site).

    Now 200k fits into 1MB 5 times. And 1MB fits into 1GB 1000 times (yes I know it's 1024, but we will ignore that here). That means you'll be able to support over 5000 visitors a month.

    If you have downloads, probably less. If your pages are smaller, the bandwidth consumed per visitor might be a lot less, and you might be able to support several times that number of visitors. It really depends.

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    If you use a template of some sort you can cut it down to very little by using cached images etc.

    Then the only thing that is being downloaded is the communication to check file date etc, and the content, not the site's main images.

    Content can be set to about 6 to 12 kb's or so depending on the images, and complexity of tabling in that content, but the other images will be cached.

    You can fit 1000 pages into a 1 meg site if done right =)

    This gives me an idea lol
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    Low tech answer:
    If you are wondering just how much bandwidth your site is going to be, you could use mine as an example. Keep in mind that my message board is low traffic. (for now)
    My personal site which has somewhat less than 100 pages, a php message board, some perl caluator programs and simple games, with over 500 unique hits, and 3000 page veiws a week, gets just under a gig of traffic usage per month. (it is about 70 MB in disc space)
    I also host pages with pictures that I allow people to link to from elsewhere on the web.
    If the whole site was just html, I expect I would use less than half a gig.
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    People usually over estimate their usage. A small personal site may take anywhere from 10mb - 1000mb transfer per month or more.

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