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Thread: Silly Spam

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    Silly Spam

    This great offer came to me:

    ------------ START SPAM ------------
    After reviewing, wehave noticed that your website cannot be found on foreign search engines. Couldyou please put me in touch with your marketing director or whoever is in chargeof web promotion for your website?
    As it stands Internet users searching onGerman search engines, French search engines, Hispanic,Portuguese, Italian, Japanese or Chinese search engines cannot findyour website! In fact, it has not been optimized nor listed accordingly....
    ------------ END SPAM ------------

    Oh no, my English site is not listed in foreign search engines. There isn't even any logical reason why someone would want to signup for this service!

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    The wording of the email alone is evidence of why you should not worry that your English site is not listed in foreign search engines.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
    "When you use bottom feed for bait, you are only going to catch bottom feeders."
    "You do what you are, and you are what you do."

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    These spammer types are out in force again I see. I have had two different ones today. This one was still in trash.
    85% of all Internet surfers are directed by search engines. Search Engines are the super powerful traffic solution on the Internet.

    Your web site:

    can be evaluated for FREE for its keyword placement in the top twenty major search engines. By evaluate, we mean taking the search words that are important to your web site and checking the results of those words in the top twenty search engines to determine your web site's placement within those results. We will create a report that displays the results, and then a professional evaluator will look at your site to see if there is any 'search engine hostile' content. This valuable service is simply free for you as our gift.

    To take part in our free offer, simply click the link below:

    I think you will be very surprised by the detail and results of our analysis.

    If by some misunderstanding we sent this email, click reply and type 'take away' in the subject line.
    - Megan
    Simpson General Income Generations

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