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    Quick Paypal question

    Hey, I've just got this one question about paypal.
    I have a site that will be taking Credit Card orders from our OsCommerce shopping cart.

    When non-members goes to pay for their items, is it required that they are paypal members? If they are not paypal members, does paypal require they register before paying (with credit card)?


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    Yes. I am pretty sure.
    James R. Clark II

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    PayPal will initially assume the user does not have a paypal account, and asks them to fill in all their CC info, etc. PayPal also creates a PayPal account for them which they can use at a later time as well as processing their credit card.

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    Ok great. That means I can take credit cards without having consumers be paypal members.

    But will paypal automatically charge their credit card for the 2.95 membership fee?

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