I have a web design client looking for windows hosting with coldfusion support, looking around, one of the best dedicated server deals I've found is at Copious Host, they are offering this deal:

I can't find *any* information on WHT regarding this company and would like to know if anyone has any experience with them.

The most unsettleing thing is the "unlimited bandwidth". Also the number of spelling errors on the website denotes unprofessionalism, and lack of care in their work...

I've read their policies, and want to know if they would kick me off for using say 2-500GB/month? Does anyone know from experience?

I have spoken to their sales team, and they were pretty rapid, but that says nothing for their support team.

Also, I would like to help my client admin the server, but only have linux server knowledge, are there any recommended sites I can read up on this?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

- Davey