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    2 questions on CPanel4

    1) STATS PER COUNTRIES. Is there any possible solution to the problem of having around a 50% UNRESOLVED entries in the statistics per country? I think if HALF of the entries are unresolved, these statistics are good for nothing.

    2) Stats on the "AVERAGE HITS PER DAY".
    They're making a big mistake: if they're calculating for instance the 10th of july, they obviously do it on the 11th, closing around 1 o'clock. That's perfect. The big mistake is that they do not calculate the hits until the 10th, but until the 11th at 1 o'clock (counting a few hits of the unfinished 11th), and then they divide the total hits until 1 o'clock of the 11th, into 11 days.... and that's to figure out the stats until the 10th !!!

    The only correct way of doing it is to calculate the total hits until the last minute of day 10, divided by 10 days. If they're closing day 15th, they'll have to do it on the 16th, but with the total hits until the 15th inluded (NOT the 16th), divided by 15 (not 16). That way you get the correct average hits per day until day 15th, and so on.

    If it is not done like that, those stats are complete useless.

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

    José Gutiérrez
    [email protected]

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    Hi, I'm not sure it is a cpanel bug, but you might want to submit this as a bug to the cpanel developer.

    David Heremans
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