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Thread: new cpanel skin

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    new cpanel skin

    We are currently developing a new cpanel skin which will come available for licensing.

    The skin will be text based only, ensuring a faster load time, and will have all features currently offered by the bluelagoon team.

    It will be updated monthly if new features are available.

    Please have a preview of what the new cpanel will look like, and please post your comments or suggestions for the continuing development of the skin.

    You can see the skin at

    Also, if you feel you know the correct price for this skin, post it here as well

    Thank you.
    David Heremans
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    ** We offer support in English, Dutch and French.

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    I don't like the colors used, made me want to look away instead of reading the menus... Too much contrast. But the overall layout is not bad, IMHO.

    btw, if you want to give this theme away for free, than it's ok, but if you plan to charge for it, than your post is in the wrong forum. Read the webhostingtalk's rules... this is advertising, it belongs in the advertising section.

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