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    Domain problem..Help!

    I'm actually in kinda of a sticky situation with my domain, so hopefully someone can help.

    My domain expires on Aug 29. I want to switch web hosting. I have been unable to switch the hosting, cos the domain is registered in my friend's name. Why don't I transfer it? Cos he is a Thai, and since last year, he has been TOTALLY uncontactable. His email has been d/c by the company, and others have actually flown there to contact him, but failed...It was supposed to be some business deal...that turned up nothing

    So, I'm left with the website, all of my work anyway, and I wish to
    continue, but with the high hosting charges signed up 2 years ago.....The domain was signed with then-Network Solutions.

    Now, is there anything I can do? If on the 29 Aug, I buy the domain name back, is it immediate, or must I wait 3 months? Or how can smooth the transistion period?


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    If your friend is listed as the admin/tech contact and he cannot be reached, then you are screwed. Letting the domain expire is not a solution either. NetSol will probably take their sweet time and depending on their "mood" and the name in particular they MIGHT release the name in 3 months or a year plus.

    Your best bet is to continue trying to reach your friend.

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    TC is right, you are in a tough place.

    I would recommend you contact NetSol support and explain the situation. They will require you to verify your business relationship with your friend, and to prove that you own the domain. If you cannot do so, you may simply be out of luck.

    You have to understand the registrars position on this as well. I could claim that any domain with an unreachable admin email address is that of my "partner" and effectively steal that domain from the owner...

    Letting the domain expire and drop may result in you simply losing the domain. If your domain name has traffic - it may be picked up by a speculator who will sell it back to you for several thousand dollars. You can certainly buy up all the publically available subscriptions for your domain from the various drop services, but private buyers may still grab it before you do. Your domain may also not drop for many, many months - as NetSol does not actually have a drop policy that anyone can make any sense of...

    Call NetSol and keep pressing them until you get someone who can tell you how to get control of your domain name again. Don't talk to them about transferring away - talk about taking administrative control of your domain because your partner fell off the face of the earth...

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    This is a bad situation - might result in months of down time.

    I recomend you use and hope for the best.

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    Thanks for all the help guys.... Looks like i just have to buy a new domain...


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