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    Save 50%! 500mb + 10gb / 10 Reseller Account / $35 a year!

    OECK Networks is once again offering a great deal to limited ammout of customers only available through WebHostingTalk!

    We are offering you the package shown here for half the price (when ordering yearly) so you only pay $35 anually!

    The offer includes:-

    500mb of storage
    10gb of monthly transfer
    Reseller option to host upto 10 other domains (only host, buying of domains is seperate)
    ...and alot more, check here for more information, and e-mail [email protected] or PM me on howto take advantage of this special offer.
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    Addition : Also if you wish to have 30 Reseller Domains to host, then you only pay $40! instead of $35 in which you get the regular 10!
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    doesn't seem that i can get to your page..

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    Try again, couldnt have seen why.

    Only 5 of the offers left, thanks to all customers so far.

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