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    reseller friendly, Verio/Pair type speed/stability+PostGresQL+Tomcat+Python support

    Any suggestions?

    Something that is reseller friendly but has the type of uptime and speed you expect from Verio/Pair. Price is a less an issue.

    I am trying Verio currently. Their VPS has been GREAT except for one major issue I can't find a workaround for.

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    wont work. This is gonna be a big problem. I only manage a few customer accounts, however if I have to tell one of them a username is not available, they are going to give me a bad look =)

    If someone knows a work around for the above email problem let me know. All the Verio people can suggest is using virtmaps, which just won't fly. (it's like email forwarding, I email that allows users to reply with the same email in the reply header).

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    This is not forwarding but alias..
    This is not really important. In the letter title everything going to be alright..
    I had sisilar problem but their support helped me

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    for some reason I thought for Verio security reasons, the email user name [email protected] would not work if the account access user name was the same.
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