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    Talking Review My Flash WebDesign/Hosting/Multimedia Site!!

    Please review our site and reply with some feedback concering any topic...

    Thank You,
    Roy Sasson
    eSasson Studios

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    It is nice and it is creative, but try optimzing the images more. It runs choppy on my PIII 550. You could help this a lot by replacing the door things that open and close between pages/segments with ones drown in flash with pure vectore graphics.
    The background sound loop is good, not annoying like most sites.
    You may also want to center the pop up screen, it is a bit of a nuisance to have to drag the window into place.
    Design wise it is great. I like the boat.

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    Very well done but I have a couple suggestions and questions.
    Why is the button sound for your bottom buttons different? I like the top button sound - not sure why you used a different one for the bottom buttons.

    I really don't like the gradient text used for your intro - along with the font type and photoshop flare it makes it look kind of cheap. I'm not trying to be rude, I just am not one for photoshop flares and gradients.

    Overall I think you've done some great work - I checked out your portfolio and it's great. I like Empire Events the best

    Where are you from?
    What program are you using to make the 3D logos and text?
    Contact me - I'd like to chat with you.

    Keep it coming!

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    The style is very similar to
    Todd Goldberg
    AIM: FourNmedia

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    Just something little. After the intro is finished, maybe you should have it direct to your main.

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    this is a very nice piece of work......
    I loved the industrial image used on the main page......that was really, really good.....
    As mentioned above, some of the images was a bit choppy.....
    Also, the drop down links were a bit hard to read....

    Also to consider:
    I immediately closed the popup window, I do this as a habit.....This made it tougher for me to get into the site.....You may want to consider not using a pop up, and have the options on the main page......

    Anyway, very nice work

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    Very nice music and feel, BUT do this:

    Most definitely revise the fonts...... You need smaller more professional fonts. check out for some inspiration.

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    Do you have an HTML website?

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