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    Transferring Registrar From ""?

    Our company purchased a .com domain name from the individual who originally registered it - not ideal but as the domain name is the name of the project we're working on I guess the powers that be felt it was the simplest option.

    The domain name has been transferred so that our company are the listed registrant, I'm listed as the admin/tech/billing contact.

    The registrar is still "" who are a Korean registrar.

    Nothing against them, but I want to move the registrar to easydns/opensrs to keep it in the same place as most of our other domains, I trust easy, and I figure it's simpler to have renewals coming from one place.

    I emailed easydns and they said that if I complete a transfer request on their website, the domains admin contact (me) is asked for confirmation, and then the losing registrar is asked to approve the transfer.

    I've been told by our Korean office that most of Korea is on holiday this week (?), so I'm waiting on a reply from Doregi, but basically, can anyone shed any light on how automated the transfer process is for .com domains, and if Doregi (or any registrar come to think of it) can refuse the transfer assuming everything is paid up so there's no "bad blood" between

    I've no reason to think they will, but I'd sooner ask the question, plus I'm kinda curious how it all works.


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    The registrar cannot deny you the transfer, however they can make it painful...

    These things can also take time - particularly if the registrar has not fully automated the process, so be patient.

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    they will have to allow the transfer, the only question is how long it will take, you need to have patience, and be persistent in contacting doregi if the transfer takes longer than it should.

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