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    Qwest CyberCenter

    Does anyone have any opinions or experience with utilizing a Qwest CyberCenter for co-location purposes?

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    When we use to do work in the Qwest Cyber center is Burbank it was very dirty and not properly cooled. I would stay away.

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    Qwest CyberCenter - East Coast

    We currently co-locate from a Qwest CyberCenter on the East Coast. It is super clean. We have never had a problem with this data center at all. I house over 20 servers there just for our website alone.

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    Why limit yourself to one providers bandwidth? Colocate somewhere carrier neutral.

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    Originally posted by the-admiral
    Why limit yourself to one providers bandwidth? Colocate somewhere carrier neutral.
    This is one of the best moves to make.

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    Colocate At Qwest

    You are correct, it might be better to co-locate somewhere carrier neutral, but we have a nice relationship with Qwest and have never had an issue. We have had 0 downtime that was not scheduled by us for our own upgrades and maintenance.

    We were once colocated at a facility that had many providers, and it was a total horror story. It was always he said, said.. One blaming the local loop problems and others blaming the bandwidth provider. Now I know this is not the same for everyone as there are some wonderful places out there, but so far with Qwest we have had no issues and plan to stay there for now.

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    How long have you been there? And have they worked with you on pricing?
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    Qwest CyberCenter

    We have been there about 2 yrs. We have 4 cages dedicated to us. Right now they are pretty flexible with pricing as they want people's business. I have hit them up for things that I could not get before that I am getting now.

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