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    Does enom charge you? goes..

    I have a reseller accounts where I buy names for $7.25, and I want to sell it back for $7.49 using registry rocket.

    so..if a visitor goes to 'my' registry rocket's page to sign-up for their names...(visitors pay $7.49/name) will enom charge me the $0.95 + 3%? or is this free? and I will get the difference of 7.49 and 7.25?

    I was assuming no because how can they charge me when i havent provided my cc number?

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    They will charge you. I think you will just have a negative account ballance and when you do make money through them, it will be subtracted. Anyways, using Registry-Rocket, you need to figure in the 0.95+3% into your price. So, if you get 7.25, add 0.95+3%+Whatever profit you want = Your Final Price.

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    Yes, I'm pretty sure that eNom will charge you. If you have a cc on file with eNom, I believe it will get charged there. If not, I'm not sure that it will even allow the transaction.

    I have a sub-reseller who wanted to do the same thing. He setup a registry rocket price at his reseller price (to sell to himself). The charge for the domain was on one transaction and the CC fees were on a second transaction in his reseller account.

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    you will need to set your registryrocket price to around US$8.50 just to break even and not make any profit.

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    That's why the reselling model is flaky - for the end user - unless they are reselling to...resellers themselves Of course I don't blame eNom for doing this and after having recently started on such an account I am very satisfied by enom's efficiency.

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