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    Windows XP problme

    Sorry about this topic since it is not related to web hosting but to a personal problem that I have.

    I dont' know what my little cousins did to my Home PC (running Windows XP Home Edition) but now everytime that I turn up the computer the "Windows" directory shows up at the desktop.

    How can I stop it from appearing again??

    Everytime that I turn up my darn computer it is the first thing to pop up, it is annoying.

    Any help on this will be very appreciated, thanks.
    Carlos - Sales Manager
    Centrix Web Hosting, LLC

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    Do you mean that your Windows Explorer loads at start up.
    If that's what you're talking about; click Tools/ Folder Options/ View/ and uncheck the box that says "Restore previous folders window at login"

    Unless you're talking about something else.
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    that is correct.

    the folder that comes up at startup is the "Windows" directory. This directory has the "Offline Web pages" "System32" "Downloaded Program Files" and many other directories.

    I tried what you said and restarted the computer but that didn't fixed it. I "unchecked' the option you mentioned and that didn't do it.

    Any other ideas that can remove that pop up at startup??
    Carlos - Sales Manager
    Centrix Web Hosting, LLC

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    Could it be that a shortcut to the Windows directory has been dragged to the Start > Programs > Startup group?

    Best Regards,

    Anders C. Madsen
    Golden Planet Support

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