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    Newbie question: and URL/forwarding options

    I'm brand new to websites, and can anyone tell me what the following means??

    > I am using as my Registrar
    > To change Hosts/URL forwarding I have
    > SNo HostName Address RecordType MX Pref
    > As options then, I can change the Hostname, Address, Recordtype (URL redirect,
    > MXE, MX, CNAME, A).


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    purchase hosting, then make your dns settings and and then hey presto.. the host will look after all that other crap for you

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    Well... if you log on to you can go to Modify domain and then change the nameserver there, or use namecheap's server and choose URL-forwarding.

    If your hosting your site on your own computer, I think it would be a good idea to use namecheap's nameserver. If not... your host should have info about how to admin your domain.
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    Until you get a HOST
    you can use

    URL Forward to
    creat a subdomain on your domain and then forward it to another URL ( but new URL will be visible )

    URL Frame to
    creat a subdomain on your domain and then forward it to another URL ( and new URL will be hidden )

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    they will offer you to run free email service for your domain
    by giving you CMail Enteries
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