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    DNS servers - how to register with 123domains?

    I originally registered my domain name with I have been using someone else's DNS servers for both my domain name, as well as my customers. I now want to use my own. How do I register these on 123domains? I can't seem to find any information there on it..


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    I'm not familiar with 123Domains, but if the information is not listed in their FAQ do not hesitate to ask their support. You'll need information also from your host if your own 2 name servers are not yet set up (ns. and ns2. )

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    Just go to "Change Name Servers"

    If you put in an address at the domain you are administering (eg. & 123reg will ask you for the P addresses of these servers. They then go on and register the servers for you.

    Nice and easy really... It's just not documented until you go to the "Change Name Servers" page.

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    I tried that, it just keeps telling me 'invalid name server'..It never asks for the IP at all..

    BTW, I sent an email to 123domains, they havent answered. This is the 2nd time they ignored me on this, sigh..

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    When you are assigning nameservers to a domain, there are a couple of prerequisite requirements, not the least of which is that the nameservers must be defined in the registry.

    If you are creating nameservers based on your domain, this is different than changing the nameservers for your domain.

    I don't know where this registrar does these things, however you do need to contact them for support if you cannot locate the place to create nameservers based on your domain name - since only the registrar managing your domain can insert these into the registry so that they can be used.

    If they are not providing you with the level of support you desire, transfer. There are many options these days.

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