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    What does your uptime guarentee cover?

    Any downtime whatsoever, including announced scheduled upgrades/maintenance?
    All downtime, excluding announced/scheduled downtime?
    Just network downtime?
    Server only downtime?
    What about hardware failure?
    What does your uptime guarentee cover?

    If, one month, you don't satisfy the uptime gaurentee (e.g. you have 0.5% downtime and offer a 99.9% uptime guarentee) what do you do? Refund every customer a fixed amount? Refund a percentage of the monthly charge? Refund all of the month's charges?

    If you don't have a guarentee, why not?


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    I offer shared/virtual web hosting and I don't have one. I'm not planning to either. I don't even know what my uptime is technically - but it would most probably be 99.9 or higher. I've never asked for one from my upline supplier and none of my clients have ever asked me for one. As long as you provide superior and genuine support on top of a good network clients will tolerate whatever little downtime you have. Well, that's my theory.

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    I am affraid that I may violate the forum rule for self advertising, but I hope my explanation below won't be taken as self advertising but as a model that you may be looking/studying.

    Our uptime guarantee includes guarantee on network uptime, hardware, and software (apache, mysql, etc). So if a hard drive fails or apache stops working, we will count it against our uptime guarantee (currently 99.9%).

    Our uptime guarantee excludes scheduled maintenance (network, hardware, and software). So if we have scheduled a hard drive upgrade or kernel upgrade, the downtime resulted will not be counted against our uptime guarantee.

    For any downtime beyond our 99.9% uptime guarantee, we refund 5% of client's hosting fee on any given month for any 0.2% (one hour 26 minutes) of additional downtime.

    Hope this helps.
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    We don't have an uptime guarantee, we have a basic SLA (service level agreement) that we include with all plans. For customers who want a custom SLA for higher uptimes, we offer that on an individual basis.

    We base ours on availability: network uptime and server availability. We don't split hairs, it's too difficult to monitor that way. If the site's not available regardless of the cause, that's downtime.

    We exclude scheduled maintenance.

    Our refund schedule for the standard SLA is as follows:

    More than 4 minutes 30 seconds in a month: 25% refund of that month's recurring fees.

    More than 45 minutes in a month: 50% of that month's recurring fees.

    More than 7 hours 26 minutes in a month: 100% of that month's recurring fees.
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