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    Angry Mystery of the Flip-Flopping Domain

    Has anyone ever had this happen before? I changed my DNS settings 5 days ago (7/25), the changes took effect within 24 hours but since then it's reverted back to the previous DNS (my registrar)...twice, and for long periods of time.

    I've doubled checked my settings with my registrar and they're still set correctly, so I'm baffled.

    Now I'm getting paranoid that my registrar is screwing with me because I had a dispute with them.

    Can somebody out there ease my paranoia?

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    When you say your DNS info flip-flops, how do you know this?

    Is it possible that one of your nameservers did not update?

    You can check this with dig (from the *nix command line), specifying your nameservers one at a time as the place to look up your information.

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    I'm not quite experienced enough with DNS issues. I don't even know what "dig" is.

    When I say "flip-flopping" I mean that when I typed in my URL it's gone from displaying my site on my web host's server to displaying a placeholder page on my registrar's server...twice now, and not just for a short time.

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    PM me the domain name if you are not comfortable posting it here and I'll "dig" for you.

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    Thanks much for the help...I've had nothing but trouble trying to keep the site live the last month or so.

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    Both nameservers "dig" with the same information. Nothing jumps out at me.

    Are you still having problems?

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    Yep...still displaying the registrar placeholder page...

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    Your site works for me. Have you tried accessing it from different computers or just one?

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    If you are using a windows PC, bring up the Command prompt and type


    I get the IP address

    Is this what you get?

    If I go to that IP address, I get the default page for iPowerWeb.

    You must be using named hosting, yes? You do not appear to have a dedicated IP address.

    Is it possible that you are simply displaying the cached page from your browser? I'm not sure what would be causing this.

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    Whatever was going on, it seems to have straightened itself out site's now displaying as it's supposed to.

    Thanks much for the help...

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    Probably an ISP twilight zone event

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