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    * Deals ending soon! Dedicated servers and $99 Colocation!

    EDIT: Dedicated deal is over, look for a new post and a new pacakge in a view days. Colocation is still available

    Yet another offer from Complx Internet Services and Milenium Technologies, Inc.

    Last month when we posted our colocation deals, we were out of dedicated server, well we now have 4 brand new servers waiting to be filled.

    There's a small catch though. The price for the Dedicated Package are only in affect for 48 hours, and the price for the Colocation Package is only in affect for another 72 hours (we've offered it for almost 2 months now!)

    In 48 hours there will be a new package available which will be posted, but this one is much sweeter!

    Anyway, on to the info!

    48 Hours Dedicated

    Pentium III 1.13GHz/512K
    256MB SDRAM
    40GB 7200rpm ide hard drive
    Red Hat Linux 7.3
    Webmin Control Panel
    300GB monthly transfer
    3 ips
    Access to powerstrip port for manual reboots!(*new*)
    30min of free maintenance/month
    Free reboots


    $70 256MB SDRAM
    $75 Additional 40GB 7200rpm hard drive

    72 Hour Colocation

    For $99.95/month you will receive the following:

    300gb transfer
    1U-4U or a tower - no additional cost
    3 ips
    Free install of RedHat 7.3 or other select OS'
    Free install of Webmin Control Panel
    Access to powerstrip port for manual reboots!(*new*)
    30min of free maintenance/month
    Free reboots

    Highlights of our datacenter

    Climate controlled facility
    UPS battery backup & conditioned power
    Directly hooked to telco Sonnet Ring for increased reliability & redundancy
    Multiple Backbone providers & connections (Sprint, UUNET, AT&T) Sprint is our primary connection, UUNET and AT&T are there for backup

    If you are interested or have any questions please contact [email protected]

    Other information

    Ping/traceroute ip:
    File for speed test:
    Data center location: Indiana
    Connection info:
    DS-3 from Sprint (40 percent utitlization at peak times).
    DS-3 from UUnet (1 percent utilization).
    T-1 AT&T.
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