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    any one used Port80comm?

    hi, anyone used port80comm?, how do u think of them? service? support? thanks.

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    huh? no one did?

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    Never heard of them.

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    I would never recommend port80comm. Why?

    Part of them used to be They hosted several of my website stress-testing boxes. They had a DS-3 (which I required), then switched it to a T-1 to save money, without notifying its users.

    Then there were the outages and constant IP switching, which nobody every notified us of.

    Then there was the billing issues. They decided to switch from credit card to PayPal-only payments, and then proceeded to double-charge my company for hosting services. It took a grievance with PayPal and American Express to finally get our money back.

    Then acsdatanet got absorbed by port80comm (or maybe acsdatanet just renamed itself?).

    So... then they lost one of my websites in the move. I called Tech Support, and it was the exact same individual who owned ACS DataNet (now answering phones, and appears to be the only tech support individual there).

    After three months, I still have no access to the site or its files. I just called again tonight for their "24x7" tech support, to find that nobody is available right now to take my calls.

    I think you can do much better, whether buying dedicated or shared hosting (of which I've had both with them). You may want to check out www.*****.com.

    Good luck!

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    Hmmm... somehow my recommended host site got *'d out... Try ***** (I'll let you find the URL...).

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    Ok - you can tell I'm a total newbie here - obviously there's something preventing me from mentioning certain hosting companies. So I'll stop now and just say GOOD LUCK in your search!!!

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    Makagon, some hosts get censored out due to isues they have had on the forums, sometimes spamming here, or just trolling in general.

    In response to teh original post....... Their site took well over 10 seconds to load for me. I sit on a very fast pipe and it seems to be only them that is slow right now. If a company cant keep their website up to speed, would I trust them with mine?

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