I am considering ways to set up a web design & hosting business and I'm looking for a little feedback. I have a reseller account with Splashhost and I love them. I'm trying to decide between Bulk Register and Enom as for how to handle domain registrations. And I signed up with 2Checkout quite some time ago but haven't used them yet and since I opened my account with them months ago I'm wondering if anyone has come across some good companies who offer services similar to what 2Checkout offers. I don't want to get my own merchant account- just something similiar to 2CO. Is there anyone here who primarily is focusing on web design but hosts their sites too using a reseller account? If so, could you point me in a direction where I could find some info on setting rates, etc? I've found other resources on this but most of it's a little outdated. And finally, a while back someone had posted a link here somewhere pointing to a business plan that a WHT member had so generously posted in great length somewhere on the forum. I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know where I could find it or something like it? Thanks so much for your help. I've found Splashhost and other great companies to work with through this forum based on recommendations and others' experiences and really appreciate the advice I always find here.



PS The reason I'm asking about other companies similar to 2Checkout is because I've been reading some posts here regarding late checks and while I realize this doesn't necessarily mean that I would have the same experience of course, I'm still shopping around for services.