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    Looking for simple VOIP

    First off, I apologise beforehand for firstly not being able to find myself what I am looking for, and secondly not knowing the specific terms etc. - I know next to nothing about VOIP.

    I am looking for a very simple VOIP solution that allows me to have one "line", be that a software or hardware based phone. It will be used for almost purely inbound calls, with an outbound every now and again, so a pay as you go service would be desirable.

    However, a silly feature I need it to support: most "home user" VOIP packages that I have seen provide a voicemail. Does anybody know off-hand of a service which will allow me to set up two voicemails, one which a user is directed to when I am already taking a call ("Sorry, but we are busy at the moment, please leave a message and we'll call you back") and one which is either based on the time of day or whether or not our phone is connected ("Sorry, telephone support is only available from 9-5 GMT, please leave a message"). If the latter could also forward messages to an email as a wav attachment, that would be even better.

    These are probably really simple requests for people who are setting up exchanges with thousands of phones and suchlike, but like I said I know nothing about the industry and am having trouble finding what I'm looking for.


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    For what you are talking about you would need a PBX type solution with "Time Conditions". There are quite a few PBX providers which can give you a Hosted PBX reasonably cheaply. As I don't live in your area I can't really give you a good indication as to what would be the best for you, however if you google "Hosted PBX" you'll definately find what your after.

    Btw, the menu is called an IVR.

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