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    Error 403 on New Virtual Site Entry

    I just added a new subdomain for my new site, but it appears that I do not have permission to view files from the web. I basically copied my main site's virtual host configuration which works correctly. Here it is:

        ServerAdmin [email protected]
        DocumentRoot /home/members/KK/www
        LogLevel error
        ErrorLog logs/
        CustomLog logs/ combined
        <Directory "/home/members/KK/www/cgi-bin">
            Options +ExecCGI
            Order allow,deny
            Allow from all
    My main site config looks almost identical to this except the document root and cgi directories are different of course. The access logs show an 403 response coming up. I must have something setup wrong. Here's the simple page I'm trying to access:

    Thanks for any help,


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    Did you chmod the new 'kk' directory?
    755 normaly should be fine.

    Im sure you did this but have to ask ..restarted apache right?


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    Actualy it may be your path too. Normaly a subdomain will be inside the document route of your main site so it would be:


    You might have a custom setup I guess but the way you set it up it would be a top level domain (ie


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    :lol: yeah I restarted Apache, but you never know, I've done stupider things before.

    It looks I never chmod'd to 755. I think I just did the images folder :p

    Thanks for the help guys.


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