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    Exclamation Transfering domain away from Verisign

    I am trying to transfer a domain name away from Verisign. I just cannot figure it out. First problem is that the email is outdated, so I go in and change it. I am not even sure if the email got said it did. Secondly, we had our new company resend the transfer request, still no email in our NEW emails inbox (hence why I feel the email hasn't been changed). Anybody have any advice or have moved their domain (away from the evil cp of verisgin)?
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    You can check whois records here:

    Unfortunately, you will need your e-mail address working..... pm and I can maybe assist you

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    How long have you waited for the email from Verisign? It sometimes take several days for them to send the first approve/disaprove transfer email, them usually less time after that to receive the transfer approved email.

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    Verisin might take up to 7 trys before the domain is transfered, keep on at it. Do not request another transfer however untill you are sure the domains Admin email was corectly changed, that might take a few trials to.

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    I've tyransferred several domains away from them, and as long as your admin contact email address is correct you shouldn't have any problem. The fact that you have not gotten an email, though, is indicative that something is wrong. Check the whois for your handle, and then modify the info to make sure it is correct. That should take care of the problem. I've done it many times, and it's easy to do. It just takes a little bit of patience. Good luck!

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