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    Just found this link today.. signed up for their 14-day trial.. seems very interesting.. it is an online billing solution for web developers and fomr what I saw, could easily be used for web hosts as well..

    take a look and realy your thoughts... also,, is has an area to link your, paypal url or your current payment processing url so that online payments can be made.. does this mean like 2CO acct or the like? take a look and let me know.


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    They are pretty good...

    I had a trial awhile back and liked their service but too much headache going in creating stuff than sending to client and such. I can do that already on my web site.

    But, I like the fact that you can charge people online now. They just got that going few weeks ago. I already have Merchant and such and preffer to do it manually... They are usefull if you have lots of clients, lots of projects; but sometimes it could be double working, putting the info in your billing software than replicate it on their site.

    But they are growing and getting popular at the same time.

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    I agree EnigmaBiz. I checked it out too and liked it, but it seems to me its just another step in the whole process...however, I think for the right circumstances, it is probably a lifesaver and a perfect solution!

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