Hello, My name is Bart Gniado and I am looking for any kind of work related to PHP/mySQL programming. I can do fullscale websites or small scripts.

Am I credible? In all honesty I am sure you could trust me as a programmer. I have developed and still run to this day sites like www.gamingw.net and www.vgmuseum.com - I have been in the programming/webmaster business for well over 2 years.

In closing, I am a freelance programmer and don't want to take on permanent tasks - Just want to help those out who need a quick script, and yes I do charge money. I am very lenient with my pricing. Most of the time I will let the client decide how much they want to pay me. Finally, I also let you see the progress on your script and test it out while it is in the works before I send it over, making sure you like it before you bust out the big bucks!

To contact me, please send an email to [email protected]
or contact me through the following..

MSN - [email protected]
AIM - TrueBart

Thank You, And have a nice day!