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    3 more Banner space's left @

    We still have 3 banner spaces left for 120x600

    Since we are now a week old I can give you some better stats, But keep in mind 1 week one and still growing,

    Statistics regarding today, Jul 30, 2002
    Total Unique Visitors Today: 1253
    Total Hits Today 18319

    Sites been open for nearly 8 days now and 110,000
    page views / imp's


    $60 per month for a 120x600 (About 150,000 Imp's)


    $15 per 20,000 imp's (about 2-3 days advertising)

    Prices will go up @ the end of the month as we will be more busy also if you go for the monthly option and opted to stay for longer than a month the price will be fixed and not change until you end you time with us
    Remember this is a 120x600 tower banner.

    Only the first 3 customers wanting monthly payments will be taken as we are only giving space for 3 banners in this area.

    Or if you opt for the 20K imp's this will be roughly a 2-3 days.
    And is also a frist come basis,
    So if you go for this you must be willing to wait in line for your turn.

    Each account will be able to login to my site and view thier stats.
    Demo of the Banner Stats

    User = Crude
    Pass = Demo

    The second banner was added 60 mins ago and as got 2268 imp's

    On my last post about this some of you wanted to know where my hits come from so here are just afew.
    These are but afew.

    We get many different countries coming to our site
    (Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Brasil, Czech Republic, United Kingdom , US , Canada, Turkey , Germay, Russisa...Etc...etc...)

    E-mail me @ [email protected]
    Or PM me

    I hope I covered everything , but if not just ask.
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    I've lowered the price!

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