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    Cyberwings Question

    Ok, sorry about another Cyberwings post. I was never a customer and this isn't a flame on them, but I was curious about one thing.

    The number of posts are huge so it seems like Cyberwings had alot of customers. (or maybe just vocal ones)

    My question is, why? What made them so attractive? Was it just price or did they offer something else people liked?


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    It was Cyberwings ultra-low prices that attracted the majority of their clients.

    I've heard that support was somewhat decent, for a while, but then everything got out of control. (Even account setups would take days-weeks to be processed...)

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    Well if you can get 10 gigs of space for 10 dollars a month that would seem like a good deal. Until you notice how the support doesn't exist.

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    b.s. - in the beginning, i had a NORMAL amount of space/bandwidth for the price...well, maybe not normal, but certainly reasonable.

    it was in april/june that cyberwings started doing these damn ZapX5's or whatever they're called and having insane sales. shawn would say "this will be the last sale for x amount of time" and then two days later, another sale.

    it was poor business and obviously just a futile attempt to keep on top of the bills.

    of course, this is speculation, but i don't know how it could possibly not be true.

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    i think your speculation is pretty right on, considering how tough it would be to pay for all that bandwidth with such low prices :-P
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