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    1,056, domain registration market

    I wonder how much time will survive with $35 / year prices since the market is full with players offering domain registration below $10...
    Does anyone has some facts? Are they loosing market share?
    What do you think?
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    Thanks to and other various more expensive companies, we still charge $19.95 per year for domains. I hope they stick around!

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    netsol charges $35 as well..... there are many other companies that charge $35/year as well... actually some ICANN accredited companies....

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    They'll be around just as long as there are hosting companies that charge $50/month for a basic no-cgi 25MB account.

    Two reasons:

    1. People think paying more gives them more.
    2. People are naive and don't realize they can get better deals with better service and products.

    On the internet, the sheer numbers mean there's a market for anything.. no matter what price you sell it at. has the advantage of name-brand recognition, so they'll get away with it for a long time.
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