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Thread: WHM help ?

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    WHM help ?

    was asked a question from a fellow reseller friend ... and I had no answer... still curious so I'm here asking for some answers..

    friend signs up of a reseller account with Host1 - upon reigstration, he tell Host1 to use domain name

    so now WHM has been setup for

    life goes on for 6 months ... reselling accounts etc...

    now friend needs to upgrade ... wants to sign up with Host2 but he wants to use the domain name again ... but he wants to preserve his accounts and packages with Host1 - how is this possible ?

    For clarity, an example...

    With Host1, succeeds in signing 5 customers on 3 packages .... as follows

    Host1 -> -> package A -> customer 1
    Host1 -> -> package A -> customer 2
    Host1 -> -> package B -> customer 3

    Now Host1 has been serving him well but he wants to upgrade .. Host1 has no other reseller packages so only choice is to change host..... so my friend will need Host1 to change the domain name and yet preserve the packages and accounts ... is this possible ?

    Ideal situation...

    Host1 -> -> package A -> customer 1
    Host1 -> -> package A -> customer 2
    Host1 -> -> package B -> customer 3

    Host2-> -> package A -> new customers
    Host2 -> -> package B -> new customers
    Host2 -> -> package C -> new customers

    where is a NEW domain...

    Possible ?

    Dont worry about customer 1, 2,3 - friend will still service them the same - just under a different domain name ./.

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    Well if you take XXX and add yyy you come up with ZZZ...

    I am sorry I do not follow at all what you are trying to do.

    If he wants to switch host and take all his accounts with him all he a has to do is move the nameservers they are pointed to, to the new server and update the IP numbers fo rthose servers. And of course upload the site files for all the domains.

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