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    Need someone to setup shoutcast servers this weekend


    One of my client need help to setup shoutcast servers.
    He has 3 servers to be set up, all these 3 servers will need to be sync each other to provide shoutcast for 9 stations.

    Details of job will be explained further after we choose someone.

    Please contact me by email to:
    aw_kurniawan [at] webdistro dot com

    min. 2-3 references or testimonials will be required.

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    Please keep in mind that I need someone who has experience with shoutcast server setup.
    Do not apply if you don't have experience, that's why I need references or testimonials especially related with shoutcast servers.

    You have to know how to sync content using rsync or any other ways, failover setup & load balance at least round robin dns setup.
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    Position filled.

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