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    Question DNS & multiple Plesk servers


    I have just obtained my second Plesk server, both running PSA 2.5.3 standard install on RedHat 7.2.

    I use ns1 & to point domains to server1 and I would like to use these same nameservers for domains on server2.

    Does anyone know how to do this? I think I need a script that automatically sends new/changed DNS entries on server2 to server1.

    I appreciate any help on this matter, there must be people out there that are doing this

    I am willing to pay a small fee for a script that is tried and tested.


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    you can use rsync

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    I have no idea what rsync is!

    There must be someone out there who has done this, pretty please, share your knowledge

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    I dont think rsync would work since server2 would be updating named.conf server1 nameb.conf would get overwritten with server2 and then he loses all those domains....You should definetly have ns1 on server1 and ns2 on server2 incase on of them goes down you have the backup. Someone has a script out there to tie in with plesk im sure...

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    Blind secondary DNS?

    I think the best way to do this is to set up server 1 to run a secondary DNS service for each of the domains on server 2. Plesk has no way to create a secondary DNS service, but you can do this from the shell, or write a simple script (I wrote one for myself in a few minutes). But, you tell the registrar that the nameservers for those domains are the ones on server 1. It doesn't matter how the records get to server 1, only that they are there. This is sometimes referred to as a blind secondary - it's listed as primary, but is in fact a slave to the records of another server.

    This way, any changes you make to the DNS records in server 2 send notifies to server 1, which picks up the changes automatically, using the whole primary / secondary DNS scheme.

    I believe also, with a little thought and some time, you could get server 2 to build a list of any recent domains added to it, and have server 1 retrieve that data and create it's own secondary zone config as a cron job.

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