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    Question Colo for RAQ 550 NEEDED!

    I am currently moving from my current colo, AIT. (I am not even going to get into this right now because it would take way too long.)

    Anyways, I am currently paying $100 a month w/ 5 IPs. I do not know how much bandwidth I use because I haven't figured out a way to monitor it on my current RAQ2.

    I want:
    - EXCELLENT uptime
    - generous amount of bandwidth (trying to figure how much)
    - state-of-the-art datacenter housing
    - UPS
    - good tech support if hard reboot is needed or emergencies
    - preferrable RAQ knowledgable staff, just in case I need help
    - possible/recommended backup solution

    Please reply with all suggestions and recommendations,

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    check out , it might be a good place The owner I have corresponded with and he is both knowledgable and speedy with his replies

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