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    Question How to find bandwidth usage on RAQ2?

    I have a RAQ2 and I am in search of a new colocation for a soon to be purchased 550. My problem is my current colo does not charge for bandwidth but it appears that everyone is doing that now. I have no clue how much bandwidth I am using across my 20-30 somewhat popular sites. Therefore it is hard to predict the cost of moving to a new colo.

    Can anyone help me find out how much bandwidth I am using with my RAQ2?


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    There are some software packages available for the Intel-based RaQ's, but unfortunately I don't know of any for the MIPS based RaQ and RaQ2's.

    Honestly, your current provider should be able to tell you this without much trouble. I'd ask them.... just tell 'em you're considering getting *another* RaQ and were getting ready to compare pricing based on your current usage.

    Good luck,


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