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    Razorservers 3 Months review

    After the many downtime issues with I decided to move my main webserver to a more stable and faster network. It took quite some time to find the best choice since I had a small budget and a lot of requirements

    I signed up for a server on their Premium network, for $109 a month.

    Pentium D 2.8Ghz 2*1MB
    1GB ram
    80GB sata
    1500GB traffic
    Debian Etch

    Server setup

    The server was setup within the promised timeframe, which basically was the next workday. There was a weekend in between but that money was refunded (And I did not even have to ask for that).


    Razorserver has a number of different network segments (Shared, dedicated/premium, unmetered) and I went with their premium network. My visitors are mostly in west Europe and the US so a fast transit network is very important. Razor's network has proved to be very reliable and fast.

    The network consists mainly of Level3 bandwidth. As you will probably know Level3 is one of, maybe even the best transit provider out there. In case there would be connectivity issues they have a link to Sprint in place as well (Backup).

    Their DC is located in Philidelphia which is geographically a perfect place when your main target is US and Europe. Speeds are absolutely perfect to europe and within the states. Ping times are outstanding as well, let me give an example:

    $ ping -c 500 -i 0.05 -q
    PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

    --- ping statistics ---
    500 packets transmitted, 500 received, 0% packet loss, time 25573ms
    rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 76.849/77.151/77.787/0.290 ms, pipe 3 is located in Amsterdam, so geographically quite far. This ping shows how stable and fast their network is, only 77ms for a roundtrip and 0.3ms difference in time between 500 pings. These kind of results are hard to find anywhere else

    Razorservers Support

    I ordered the server with Debian Etch. Etch was just released at that time and they did not have an image ready yet. It was however no problem for them to manually install the server so I got my beloved Debian

    Unfortunately I had two issues with this server: It would randomly freeze every 2 weeks with conntrack errors. Next to that MySQL just didnt want to run stable. The servers are self-managed so I had to solve these myself. Matt from Razorserver did give a couple of pointers though which helped me while searching for a solution.

    After many hours of re-compiling different versions of MySQL I decided to go the easy route however, and ask for a re-install. Matt offered to setup a new (extra) server next to the old one with a 48 hour overlay. Which allowed me to move all sites without any downtime. Since this was a live production server I was extremely happy about this downtime and new hardware (IF hardware would have been the problem).

    Since that move I havent had a second of downtime says Hyperspin. That was a month ago

    Other support issues (rdns for instance, non urgent) were handled in an average timeframe. Usually within a couple of hours. This is the one thing I would rate a little lower than 'Perfect', but overall still good.


    The Razorservers premium network is extremely fast and excellent for any kind of webhosting. Uptime has been great, in fact I am pretty sure the network hasnt been out for even a second. Support is friendly with average response times.

    So yes I am very happy about my server with them, and hope it stays that way for a long time

    Powered by Level3, GBLX and AT&T

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    Excellent review!

    Nice job to all those over at RazorServers!
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    Nice review . Great that you added the ping test aswell. Keep'em coming.

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