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    Question SMS/Pager Services

    I'd like to have a feature on my website where clients can fill out a form and from there that message will be sent to my mobile phone and/or pager. (This shall be used for emergency purposes.) How can I achieve this? Must I sign-up for some special plan with my communications provider?

    BTW: I am from Canada.

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    Must I sign-up for some special plan with my communications provider?
    Not at all, simply enable the pager and find the text gateway from the provider. It's usually an email address though there's other ways to do it depending on the provider.

    ie: Telus. You can send text messages two ways:

    - email: [email protected]
    - web: submit page through website

    I prefer the web solution since the email address isn't displayed at the top of your message limiting your valuable ~260 character limit. Here's the integration script I wrote for PHP:
    	Class: telus_text_message (telus_text_message.php)
    	Required: http_post
    		Allows for direct communication to a user's cellular phone
    		if they utilize a telus phone or text-message capable pager.
    		--- constructor ---
    		telus_text_message($code = '780', $num = '', $msg = '')
    			Creates an instance of the telus message class. Area
    			code, phone number, and message may be included in
    		--- public functions ---
    		send($msg = '')
    			Sends message to phone/pager. If $msg is set the default
    			message is changed to $msg prior to transmission.
    		send_email($msg = '')
    			Sends message to phone/pager using email method.
    			If $msg is set the default message is changed to
    			$msg prior to transmission.
    		--- public variables ---
    		string area_code
    			Area code message will be sent to
    		string phone_number
    			Phone number message will be sent to
    		string message
    			Message to be sent.
    	include($absoluteDir . "/library/http_post.php");
    class telus_text_message {
    	var $area_code;
    	var $phone_number;
    	var $message;
    	function telus_text_message($code = '780', $num = '', $msg = '') {
    		$this->area_code = $code;
    		$this->phone_number = $num;
    		$this->message = $msg;
    	function send($msg = '') {
    		if ($msg)
    			$this->message = $msg;
    		$hp = new http_post();
    		$hp->set_element('CODE', $this->area_code);
    		$hp->set_element('NUM', $this->phone_number);
    		$hp->set_element('MESSAGE', $this->message);
    		return $hp->send();
    	function send_email($msg = '') {
    		if ($msg)
    			$this->message = $msg;
    		mail($this->area_code.$this->[email protected]', '', $this->message);

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    We actually do it using email. We have a form that sends directly to the mobile phone of our support mgr. We have made the form very simple so that the client would only fill out their name and phone number and it seems to work very well...

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    Make sure you use a mobile phone provider who sends messages instantly (email). CDMA Digital service providers (here in FL at least) can not do this on their current system. If your signal is not perfect, it could be up to 10-30 minutes or longer before your email comes through. This was true with Alltel (formerly GTE Mobilnet), PrimeCo (now Verizon) and SprintPCS in my market.
    I found with Nextel, however, you get the message within a few seconds even if your signal is low. If you are completely out of range, it comes in the moment you are in range again. This may also be true with providers which use GSM as well.

    I did quite a bit of testing on this (and used to work for several cell carriers in my previous life).

    I guess I am trying to say 'test that particular feature' before you buy. Make sure you get the emails quickly even in poor signal conditions. And check a few stores too.. Some providers put repeaters in their store to give a better signal, so of course it will work well there. Check eopinions and for opinions from other users also.

    To be safe, I have a phone and a good old alpanumeric pager too... just in case A pager almost always gets the message and if my phone is dead for some reason, a pager battery lasts a month.

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    So GSM phones are instantaneous?

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    Verizon was PrimeCo?!

    GTE MobileNet, AirTouch, and I believe 2 others all merged to form Verizon Wireless. I can't recall the other names though.

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    Synthetic: These news links will lead you to the service provider links within the article:

    America Online has teamed with Verizon Wireless to provide Verizon customers with mobile Web content and services, including news, financial information, and access to AOL e-mail, the companies said Friday.

    The AOL Web offerings are available to Verizon Wireless customers who have Web-enabled phones and subscribe to Mobile Web access.

    Verizon subscribers can now access AOL content, such as local entertainment listings, maps, news and stock quotes. Verizon customers who are also AOL subscribers can check and send their e-mail and access their AOL Address Book.


    Four U.S. mobile-phone operators will start selling smart phones and phone-PDAs running Microsoft software later this year.

    RackNine: Excellent script.

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    I use Very easy to use and setup, they have various methods but I simply use the email method.

    You can send text, ringtones, wap settings and logos.

    They also support SMS flash which sends the message to the phone screen regardless of whether the box is full or not.

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    There are a few scripts on, Communications section, you will probably find one that fits your needs.
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    RackNine, where's the rest of your script. I see '/library/http_post.php' in your code but where's the part of the code. Just wanted to try this out.

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