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    * Are there any mail servers only for mail not for web page?

    I just wondering that any mail servers on the planet today? I want to find one but have no clue. Help me out!

    In my case, I have a hosting for my domains and clients but I don't want them to use the web mail from the ISP. This is too risky when the host goes down. On the other hand, I want to get a saperate server that handles only web email(send and receive). Would that be possible to get one or there is no such thing.
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    Your ISP should have one.

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    There are plenty of e-mail server software, but I guess that you don't have your own server, but host somewhere, right? You can always ask them to get an e-mail account somewhere else, like (for heavens sake NOT hotmail).
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    An ISP or a Webhosting going down will usually caused problems, so perhaps I do not understand your concern over using your host/ISP's service.

    There are webmail CGI/ASP/PHP/whatever application that can work with POP/IMAP mail accounts already setup on a server. There are sevices like that uses ad-supported [email protected] and runs off of their servers.

    I use Cyclonic Webmail to provide SSL web-based e-mail to some of my clients. There are a lot of possibilities out there., a service of Rietta Solutions
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