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    Hello all,

    I have a question about shopping carts and 2checkout. Can you prepopulate THE CART with a perl script for instance.

    1. Client wants hosting, clicks on signup link
    2. Prompted if they have domain name, they choose to register one with us, selects name and duration and clicks on "next" (submit button)
    3. Client is taken to the second signup page where thy choose the hosting plan they want.
    4. Client selects plan, clicks checkout
    5. Client views contents of cart and see hosting and domain purchase as 2 items on their cart, without going to a payment page twice

    Is there a snippet of code I can include that would create a submit button that adds an item to the cart and then sends them to the next signup page (the hosting plan they want) without going to 2checkout first?

    Also if we wanted to offer clients more options, like memory upgrades and present them as check boxes, would 2checkout recognize this?
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