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    Arrow Value of my Domains

    hi i was wondering if anyone could give me an insite into the value of my domain names which are

    thanks dave

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    Arrow looks to be somewhat profitable. You may want to have these domains professionally appraised. I'm not completely sure whether that would be a wise decision or not, just a suggestion.

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    Professional domain appraisal? Guess mine will be more then enough. LOL. But seriously, I would highly advise against going with any domain appraisal service. Their employees have a tendency to be a bit too 'optimistic.' Often very misleading and a complete waste of money. Anyway: - $40 upwards to $200/MAX
    My thoughts: I like the name. Feel it can be branded decently with some effort. However there is a reason why all other extensions are available. This reason being the 'ing' in buying. It diminishes the value immensely. Therefore I cannot see it going for more then two-hundred dollars. Hopefully I am completely wrong and you sell for much much more.

    In any case good luck. >> Web hosting forum
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    Thank you DomiNET

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